Welcome to the LoCicero Medical Group

In 1988, our practice began as a primary care clinic in the heart of South Tampa’s Hyde Park neighborhood. Thirty years later, and well ahead of the major shifts in health care delivery, we are proud to offer our patients the services of a multi-specialty clinic, diagnostic center, medication dispensary, medical spa, infusion center, AADE accredited Diabetes Education Program and COLA-accredited laboratory in a single South Tampa location.

Using a fully-integrated electronic health record system, our providers create and maintain a single, comprehensive digital file for each patient. Test results, progress notes, and current medication lists are maintained in one place for all providers, from primary to specialty care, to access and update. Our patients also have 24/7 remote access to personal health information through our secure Patient Portal.

We believe this integrated approach to health care will increase the quality of our patients’ care and decrease our patients’ total health care expenses.

In order to assist our primary care patients with management of chronic diseases, we now offer enhanced services through our diabetes clinic, Coumadin clinic, and lipid clinic. These clinics offer the added expertise and oversight of our board certified specialist physicians while conveniently located where patients receive primary care services.

In 2016, we earned recognition as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) from the National Center for Quality Assurance. A PCMH is a primary care-driven model that emphasizes care coordination,
patient engagement, and communication to transform the healthcare experience into what patients expect and deserve. Studies indicate that a PCMH model may lead to better quality with lower costs,
as well as improve patient and provider satisfaction.

In line with our mission to provide team-based care, we recently integrated behavioral health services into our primary care team. Our patients have direct access to a licensed mental health counselor for private, individual sessions. Moreover, our providers have noted improved compliance with treatment plans as patients explore the relationship between their physical and mental health.

We continue to be a leading force in the advancement and success of a physician-owned Medicare Accountable Care Organization, as well as a commercial Accountable Care Organization in Hillsborough County. Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are provider and payer arrangements designed to improve care coordination among physicians, hospitals, and public or private insurance payers. The continued success of our Medicare and commercial ACOs–Florida Physician’s Trust and Tampa Bay Accountable Care Organization, respectively–is the result of our local physicians’ commitment to delivering superior care to the Tampa community.

Significant changes in health care delivery systems are expected to continue in 2018. We are excited about meeting the challenges ahead, and believe our practice model provides the high-quality, convenient care that patients expect.

Nicholas Galantino, Esq.
CEO, LoCicero Medical Group