Diagnostic Center

Diagnostic Center

Accredited by the American College of Radiology

Our facility has earned the ACR Gold Seal of Accreditation for Ultrasound Imaging. Overseen by board certified radiologists, the ACR accreditation process is a comprehensive, rigorous, and voluntary review of our personnel qualifications, imaging equipment, quality assurance, and quality control procedures. The ACR is the largest and oldest imaging accrediting body in the United States.

Diagnostic Center Overview

For the convenience of our patients, many provider-ordered diagnostic tests may be performed in our office, often at the same time of a scheduled office visit. All medical imaging tests interface with our electronic health record system, making pictures immediately available to board certified physicians to review.

If you have a scheduled ultrasound, please review our ultrasound preparation guidelines. Because some exams require fasting or water intake, failure to follow protocols may result in a re-scheduled appointment.

Diagnostic exams performed in our office include: