Medication Dispensary

Medication DispensaryWith over 1,100 pharmacy benefit manager contracts in place, our certified medication dispensary technician may fill your prescription(s) at the time of your visit. Our database allows us to track and remind you of refills, which we are able to mail to your home.

If you would like to fill your prescription in-office, please bring your prescription benefits card to your next appointment.

In partnership with Douglas Laboratories, we also offer a full range of health supplements to support your cardiovascular, thyroid, blood glucose, joint/tissue, and immune health.

Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management is provided by an experienced pharmacist who provides a review of all of your medications including prescription, over-the-counter, herbal and nutritional, to ensure that your current drug therapy is both safe and effective. During this consultation questions that a patient might ask include:

  • Why am I taking these medications?
  • Are my medications working the way they should?
  • Can I do anything about the side effects?
  • Am I taking them in the right order and at the right time of day?
  • Are my medications interacting with each other?
  • Are my medications making me feel better?
  • How are my medications affecting my blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar?

LoCicero Medical Group is now offering Medication Therapy Management with Pharmacist, Pam Morgan. If you are on multiple medications and concerned about the possible drug interactions and side effects, our staff can help.

Medication Dispensary Videos:

LMG - Medication Dispensary LMG - Medication Dispensary LMG - Medication Dispensary