Connected Care Services

Chronic Care Management Medicare continues to encourage a strong partnership between patients and primary care providers. To that end, Medicare has enhanced the Connected Care Services available to beneficiaries with two or more chronic health conditions.

Chronic Care ManagementWe are excited to be able to provide these comprehensive care management services, and contribute to better outcomes and higher satisfaction for you.

By taking advantage of your Connected Care Services benefits with LoCicero Medical Group, you will have:

  • Personal case management, including a prepared checklist of your annual preventative services
  • Medication review services provided by our pharmacist
  • Nutritional and food planning guidance provided by our registered dietitian
  • Enhanced communication with our office, including secure electronic messaging
  • 24/7 access to our providers for urgent care needs

For more information on our Connected Care Services program, including how to enroll, please contact our office or discuss with your provider at your next visit.